first post

Hi, this is me. I’m posting here on this blog right now. It feels great to just tell the world, the entire internet: “Yes. I am posting this post”. Actually it feels so good I will say it again. “Yes.” “I am posting this post”. rahh. I feel alive. I feel… rahh–rah, rah, rah !!! I am dancing in the crowd with millions–billions of people, I am bathing in the warm, moist stickiness of the web, among all the other little packets of information that slide against my prose, back and forth, in all directions. I can feel emoticons, passing by and caressing my skin like shooting stars made of …magic dust! yes magic dust. I said it. magic dust. should I repeat it? magic dust? once more? yes I did say magic dust. Yes–just, someone had to.

Alright I’ll see if I actually write a blog. that could be fun I guess. ttyl.